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It Is Time To Order Your Checks Without Your Banks Help

Have you ever looked at your bank statement and noticed that you have been charged $20 or $30 for something. This is often because you have used the automatic reordering system for checks that banks provide. You might think that the bank is the ones that are making these checks but this is not the case. The bank is nothing more than a middle man. They send the information that is needed to create your checks to a printing company that produces your checks. This is the system that most people are used to, but it is not the best way for ordering checks.

Most people think that if they order the checks from the bank it is the best way to keep their information private. Since the banks are sending out your information to a separate printing company it is no safer than you finding your own company to print your personal checks or business checks. If security is not the issues than what other advantages do ordering checks through your banks offer you. They might claim there are several, but in reality it is usually better to take control of ordering your own checks.
The first advantage is the cost. It is much easier to find cheap checks from the many printers that advertise online. The cost of these checks can be half as much as your bank charges or even less when you order in more volume. When you look at the price of checks online take into account the cost of shipping as this will add to the overall price of the checks. This will add to the total cost of the checks although it is not usually a significant amount.

When you do check out these check printing companies you will notice the large number of choices you will have for your checks. They can come in different formats and they can have special designs on them. Many people like the idea of using designer checks that are easy to identify and attractive to use. Checks with a favorite sports team or with some amazing scenery on them are much more attractive than the plain green checks that you get from the banks.
You will also have better control over the number of checks that you order. When you find a company to print them for you, you can choose to order as many or as few as you really need. With the amount of electronic banking that is now being used, checks are not as important as they used to be and many people do not need to get a box of 400 checks anymore. That will last them many years. The idea of ordering the right number of cheap checks online makes more sense and allows you to get what you need and not what the bank wants you to have.

The banks might not like the idea that you are going to buy your checks elsewhere, but they cannot stop you from doing it. The checks that are created by these online companies are just as valid as the ones that the banks will send you. It is time to take advantage of the savings that you can find when you order the checks yourself.